Our association is prepared to answer questions from members and non-members alike. Questions can be submitted to our medical advisors who will try to answer as best as possible. We should, however, point out that any diagnosis given remotely would be by definition unreliable. It is advisable in such cases to make a personal appointment with a medical specialist or with one of our medical advisors.

We also wish to draw your attention to delays between asking a question and receiving an answer. This time can vary dramatically, since people within our association perform such activities in their free time. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

We do receive frequently the request to perform a remote medical diagnosis. In a number of cases we suggest to pay a visit to our special team in the Academic Hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, called WEVAR
We have developed a special document that should enable our medical advisors to perform a remote medical diagnosis better.

Medical advice form HOT
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Finally, we must stress that questions which are not related to CMTC will not be answered.


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