We as organization are very active in various areas. One of the most important tasks of our Organization is for example share knowledge and experience. In this context, for example, we organize family days and members meetings. Unfortunately, for many members of our global organization it is not feasible to take part in such events in particular because of travel and accommodation costs. This is an important reason record our meetings on video.
We now have a large amount of video material we share through our website. The following categories are created:

  1. Family days. We organize annually in the Netherlands for the Dutch members and volunteers a family day in which both patients themselves and the immediate family members of a patient can exchange knowledge and knowledge/experience in an informal and cheerful environment with each other.

  2. Members meetings. Every year we organize a global meeting in the Netherlands for our members during which medical and psychological advisors are present as well. The attendees can attend all kinds of presentations and for the children a separate event is set up.

  3. Promotional videos. These videos are designed to give you an impression of our activities with the aim to increase our brand awareness.

  4. Information. CMTC is a rare disease so that additional information is important. We have a series of videos made for different target groups with the aim of education.

  5. Other. In this category are to find videos on various topics which fall outside of the other categories.