Our society is evolving constantly. The society in which the companies stood for profit and government for the common good is evolving into one in which many problems transcend national borders and more than 50% of the top 100 economies are not countries but corporations. As a consequence, global enterprises have to embrace not only an economic but also a social responsibility. Companies have to assume a stewardship requiring a commitment of the entire company from top to bottom - a corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is a way of doing business that is aimed at economic performance (profit ) with respect for the social side (people) within ecological constraints (planet): the "triple P" approach. CSR is not hype - is is the new way of doing business. A modern company exists in the midst of society and is formed by the people working there. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has drafted recommendations for corporate social responsibility, the so-called OECD guidelines. These guidelines make clear what governments expect from the behavior of companies.
Many companies have 'corporate social responsibility' programs and thus contribute to a better society.

Three dimensions of CSR

  1. The values that a company espouses. These are often described in a code of conduct and in so-called "compliance rules".
  2. The social responsibility of a company: how a company conducts its core business and its responsibility in an environmental and social context. Many companies describe their activities in this field in a sustainability report. It is increasingly common to have such a report. The Directive of many companies in this field is the motto "People, Planet and Profit".
  3. The social responsibility of a company: how the company gives back to society. This subject sometimes receives attention in the sustainability report; however, many companies choose not to communicate actively about it. Activities in this area include employees volunteering to contribute to a charity or sponsorship on company time.

Our organization can not exist without sponsors. CMTC-OVM desperately needs sponsors to bring healing and help closer! You can make a contribution and thus simultaneously follow your CSR program! Sponsoring our organization also increases the visibility of your business global.

Your donation helps fund (among other things):

donations make it possible
"Donations make research and treatment possible"
  1. Scientific research on CMTC and related vascular malformations.
  2. Treatment of the disease.
  3. Travel and hotel expenses for patients from around the world undergoing free medical treatment in the Netherlands (including members from Aruba, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and the USA).
  4. Expansion of our website.
  5. Organizing member meetings in the Netherlands and the USA.
  6. Organizing family outings.
  7. Attending international conferences, specifically in the field of rare diseases.

Material support for CMTC-OVM as important as financial support. Examples of important substantive contributions are:

donations make it possible
"Donations make research and treatment possible"
  1. Plane tickets for patients' travel to the Netherlands for treatment.
  2. Hotel costs for patients for treatment in the Netherlands.
  3. Travel and hotel costs for patients who visit the member meetings (in the Netherlands and the USA).
  4. Office supplies such as inkjet cartridges, paper, envelopes, stamps, etc.
  5. Printing.
  6. Durable toys for kids of all ages (to use during membership meetings where the children are entertained in a separate room).
  7. Advice in the field of marketing and PR.
  8. Plane tickets for directors attending medical conferences.
  9. Access to public television and other media.


Your gift is vital for the continuation of our activities. The advantage of a donation in the form of sponsorship is that you can be sure that your are supporting patients with CMTC and related disorders, and that you help us with long term planning. We guarantee that your money will be well spent. In our 2011 financial statements (prepared by an accountant), we calculated that approximately 90% of our earnings went toward our goals. This shows that our overhead is minimal and that the money goes where it is intended.

Companies and organizations that support us appear in the CMTC-OVM sponsor list. Naturally, we keep you informed about the use of your contribution. We are recognized in the Netherlands as "Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling" (Public welfare institution), so donations are tax deductible.

Note : we employ ethical guidelines when it comes to sponsors. Firstly, we do not accept sponsors involved in arms trafficking, child labor, etc. Secondly, we do not accept sponsorship by political parties, etc. Thirdly, we wish to maintain our independence and will not accept interference in our policy by a sponsor .

Want to consider sponsorship? Please contact the president via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

On behalf of all patients and their relatives thank you very much in advance!


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