Family Day registration (1/4)

This meeting is only accessible for members, doctors and volunteers who support our organisation.


  • Enter data in all fields.
  • This is a multipage form. You can navigate between the pages.
  • Important: a number of items, such as Diet / Special' allow multiple choices. Selected choices are marked blue. By using the Control ('Ctrl') key during selection with the mouse you can extend or limit the selection.
Family / Group

After registration you will receive an invoice for payment of your contribution for this day. The registration is final when the payment has been received. In case you are suddenly not able to join our Family Day you can indicate this a week before this event. In this case you will receive your payment back. Within one week before the event the final numbers for access tickets and catering has been agreeded and therefore we will not make a resitution.


All information is handled confidentially.