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Report PA training 2023

Report second PA training in the Netherlands

In 2022, we developed a self-developed Patient Advocate (PA) training in the Netherlands for the first time on October 2022. Originally this was planned for the year 2020, but due to Corona we had to postpone our training by two years.

We were once again given the opportunity to apply for a subsidy for this project. We applied for ‘Patient Advocates – the next step’ and the subsidy was granted. This allowed us to organize another PA training in the Netherlands in 2023.

In 2023, PA participants came from Canada, Germany, England, Japan/Singapore, Slovakia, USA and South Africa. Getting to know each other was of course the first step. This year we had a number of PAs who had previously attended the training as well as a number of new PAs. One of our PAs shared their feelings and emotions for the first time and that had a great positive effect for everyone. A team atmosphere and mutual trust were quickly established.

The first training day started on Thursday. Each PA received a PA manual (they had already received a ‘soft copy’ in advance) and, based on a presentation that served as a guideline, the PAs were taken through a large number of topics. The first task was to prepare an elevator pitch and share it with each other. That evening we ate pancakes together and then continued talking and sharing experiences.

The second day started with the continuation of the manual and the creation of an action plan that serves as a basis for the PA to start his/her activities. The action plans were also shared within the group so that people can learn from each other. The second part of the afternoon was spent getting to know each other further and preparing for our members conference, which started the same evening with a drink and snacks along with the participants of the conference.

We organized some craft activities for the children of our PAs so that they too had fun together.

The concept of being together for several days was a big success, especially in combination with our members’ conference.