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Volunteering in our organisation gives great satisfaction

People who organize themselves in an organized, unencumbered, unpaid and disinterested way for others or society, are called volunteers.

Volunteers are everywhere in our society. Without volunteers, society would look very different! Voluntary work is strongly connected to our society and is therefore subject to social evolutions.

The CMTC-OVM organization consists of only volunteers where the people involved, for example, are actively involved in our association from their profession or interest. We have many roles within our organization where the intention is that everyone has fun in his / her work and the tasks suit the person.

Why would you volunteer in our organization? Below a small list:

  1. The added value of volunteering in our association is great, especially because it involves serious medical and psychological problems.
  2. The satisfaction can not be expressed in money. It is a feeling that you get when you do grateful work!
  3. Voluntary work in our organization contributes to your personal development.
  4. We have a large international network. You can further expand your network through our association.
  5. Practically all companies have a strategy and concrete activities in the field of ‘socially responsible / committed business’. Companies, therefore, ask their employees, in one way or another, to commit themselves to social goals. Various companies also take part in the annual assessment of the deployment of an employee as a volunteer.
  6. We have good arrangements for our volunteers such as an expense allowance.

Naturally, we comply with the tax rules of the Dutch tax authorities.