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CMTC is a very rare blood vessel disease whose complications range from cosmetic (bruising) to fatal.

Why is treatment necessary

One of the problems is that very often intervention can only be done if complications occur. Complications can occur in many areas such as asymmetrical legs and brain abnormalities where a real treatment is often not possible. Treatment of the condition in advance is not possible because it is very difficult to predict which complications will occur over the course of time. We are engaged in international genetic research, among other things, where one of the goals is to anticipate possible complications and to take preventative action.

I cannot walk or cycle far. I have regular pain and CMTC limits me in my life. I do not have a good self-image and I lack self-confidence.

At school, I was bullied because I could not participate in physical activities, such as gymnastics or taking long walks with my class.

We are a transparent organization (we share our financial information and our annual report on our website) and are certified by, among others, the Dutch Revue Service, the Central Bureau for Charities, and the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD).

Our finances are audited by an internal financial committee, the government Ministry of Health, Wellbeing, and Sport, the Central Bureau for Charities, and an external accountant.

We spend approximately 93% of our income on our core activities which are reported in detail in our annual reports.

We distinguish structural and one-time-only donors.

Structural donors enable us to provide support to our patients and families in a sustainable way.

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