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Overview & registration webinars

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We regularly organize English webinars with up-to-date topics and developments in the field of CMTC-OVM. The following webinars are planned:

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    Photo and video recordings will be made during this event. I agree that these images may be used for promotional purposes.

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    How does an online conference work

    We use the paid “online” video conference environment from ZOOM Pro. This offers the following options:

    1. You can see and hear each other. If you do not want to participate with images but only with sound, this is of course also possible by switching off the video camera.
    2. The sessions can be recorded. In fact, we have been doing this for years at our conferences so that members who were unable to attend can still watch the sessions afterwards.
    3. During a session you can ask questions via a “chat” function. You can exchange messages with one person and also with the whole group.
    4. We have set up breakout rooms so that you can for example, have a private consultation with a doctor or talk to other members. These sessions are not recorded for privacy reasons.
    5. Use the English language as much as possible (via Google Translate you can translate text into all kinds of languages).

    Video Conferencing etiquette/good practice

    For many people video conferences are quite new and it is therefore useful to make agreements about how we interact during such a conference.

    1. Make sure you are prepared and have Zoom installed and functioning.
    2. Do not walk around with a smartphone with the camera on. This is disturbing for the other participants.
    3. Come to the conference events on time, for example, 10 minutes earlier, so that you can also test whether everything is working properly.
    4. Don’t talk together.
    5. Pay attention to background noise. Turn off your microphone when you are not speaking (“mute” function).
    6. If necessary, use headphones if you are bothered by background noise.
    7. Note that when your camera is on everyone can watch your private environment.
    8. Raise your hand on the camera or use this option in Zoom if you want to say something.


    Especially in our environment where we are sharing medical information, privacy monitoring is crucial! As an organization, we adhere to the very strict European Privacy legislation (GDPR).

    During the registration for our member conference you can already indicate whether or not you object to the taking of photos, etc. during our conference. This is a standard procedure with us. People who do not want to appear on photo/video material will get a red cord during our ‘real’ conference in the Netherlands.

    At the “online” conference you have the option to turn off your video camera and not display your name.

    The recorded sessions are stored on our own secure computers and not on ZOOM servers in the USA. American security is not on the same level as European privacy legislation (more information).