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Personal medical advice

We are providing personal medical advice for many years

We are arranging personal medical advice for many years (remotely as well).

We regularly receive requests for personal medical advice on the basis of photos. Unfortunately, medical advice cannot be given on the basis of photos only. In a number of cases, the patient will actually have to be seen by one or more doctors.

Remote medical advice

Through our organization, patients can also use the knowledge and experience within this team, for example, getting personal medical advice:

In a number of cases, the patient will actually have to be seen by one or more doctors.

There are 4 centers of expertise in the field of vascular malformations in the Netherlands:

  1. Amsterdam: Academic Medical Center.
    This center has a special team of Congenital Vascular Anomalies (AVA team).
    Website AVA
  2. Nijmegen: Radboud University Medical Center.
    The Hecovan working group operates within this center, which consists of doctors with all kinds of specializations: dermatology, (intervention) radiology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, paediatrics, pediatric surgery and oral surgery. If necessary, we also consult a neurologist, paediatrician, internist, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, orthopedist, pain team, pathologist, oncologist, etc.
    Website Hecovan
  3. Rotterdam: Eramus Medical Center.
    named WEVAR. In the WEVAR team (Working Group Vascular Anomalies Rotterdam) specialisms work together within the Pediatric Surgical Group in the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital. This joining of forces ensures optimal substantive cooperation and makes it possible to make maximum use of the available capacity. The specialties are: Pediatric anaesthesia, Dermatology, Oral surgery, Pediatric surgery, ENT, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery, Thorax and Urology.
    The total team consists of approximately 25 medical specialists.
    WEVAR website
  4. Utrecht: University Medical Center – Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital.
    Website CAVU

Patients in the Netherlands usually only need a referral from, for example, a general practitioner to an expertise center.
For patients from abroad, we have a separate procedure where the main goal is that the patient also receives the correct medical care locally in the longer term after the expertise center has helped.

Below is a brief description of this procedure:

  1. Let the local physician contact our organization via contact
  2. Clearly indicate the request for help in the contact form.
  3. We will forward this to the WEVAR team, who will then contact the local physician and arrange the further course of affairs in which we are no longer involved as an organization for privacy reasons.
  4. The medical data, such as reports and photos, are sent by the physician and possibly the patient (or the patient’s parents) to WEVAR via a secure environment.
  5. The costs of engaging an expertise center are handled outside of our sight.
    Within the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the International Patient Center is available for further assistance in this case.

We hope to be able to help many patients and their family members with this service!

Medical advice in Rotterdam

A medical advice in this context is:

  1. When complications have occurred or occur.
  2. The patient and/or parents have questions about these complications.
  3. No diagnosis has yet been made in the past.
  4. This consultation will be conducted at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam within the special multidisciplinary team WEVAR on the Friday preceding our members’ conference on Saturday.

This medical advice is associated with costs that are often (partly) reimbursed by health insurance. For patients within the European Union, the S2 form is available (via health insurance). For patients outside the European Union, medical insurance is required.

Within the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the International Patient Center is available for further assistance in this case.


The following applies:

  1. The medical records must be available to our medical advisers no later than 1 month before the annual members’ meeting. They are all doctors and are covered by the Dutch medical law of secrecy, etc.
  2. The reason and request for assistance for this consultation must be clearly stated. One reason could be a ‘second opinion’.
  3. The patient must be prepared to undress (so that, for example, asymmetry of the entire body can also be looked at).
  4. The medical data are entered by the patient or parents in a secure environment in advance, in which the patient determines who has access to this environment. This environment is situated in the Netherlands and this is subject to Dutch law, which imposes high demands on the storage, access and security of medical data.