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ISSVA classification of vascular malformations

Global classification of bloodvessel diseases

ISSVA (International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies) is a multidisciplinary international society of physicians, scientists, and health care providers united by an interest in vascular anomalies.

The Society aims to promote the highest standards of care for patients with vascular anomalies by advancing clinical and scientific knowledge concerning causes, diagnosis and treatment, and by education of physicians, health care providers, patients and the community. The Society encourages the free flow of information between its members and interested groups, through workshop meetings and teaching programs, and by the dissemination of a classification scheme and pertinent scientific data.

ISSVA was officially founded in 1992, two years after its first International Workshop held in 1990 in Amsterdam. Every two years an ISSVA workshop is held somewhere in the world.

The society has set up a classification for vascular anomalies. The latest revision to the classification was done in May 2018 at the Amsterdam workshop. ( Also causal genes of the different anomalies are indicated if known.

The classification is intended to evolve as our understanding of the biology and genetics of vascular malformations and tumors continues to grow.

ISSVA classification video