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With your contribution, we can continue to develop and improve the quality of life of patients. We provide a community where families can find support from each other and receive medical advice.

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We try to make a positive contribution to the lives of people suffering from vascular malformations (blood vessel abnormalities), such as CMTC, and to stimulate scientific research into these malformations. We can’t do this alone. Will you help? Then make a donation.

CMTC is a rare skin/blood vessel disorder, as a result of which the quality of life of patients is not optimal. We want to make all information about vascular malformations available to everyone. We cannot do this without the sustainable support of our donors.

With your support, we conduct research into the blood vessel abnormalities and ensure that everyone who is confronted with these conditions can find us. We then share our information and provide a community where patients and their families can meet.

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Together we can make a difference and show that kindness and compassion have the power to change lives. Thank you for your generosity and sharing our vision to bring smiles to others’ faces.