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Member conferences

Global member conference the Netherlands
Member conference

Normally every year we organize a global member conference in the Netherlands.
This conference is open only to members, physicians and volunteers who support our organization.  Various activities for children of all ages have been organized at the hotel with great success.

The conference has several purposes. The ‘formal’ part usually takes about half an hour to complete. During this segment, issues such as annual reports and the activity plan for the coming year are discussed. This is followed by various other (interactive) sessions covering diverse subjects. These may be medical or psychological but can also include many other topics. Since 2011 we have organized parallel sessions so that people can choose from a variety of topics.

During lunch there are plenty of opportunities to make new contacts and renew old ones, the usefulness of which should not be underestimated!

More parallel sessions are scheduled after lunch.  The topics of these meetings vary each year.

Since our organization is globally active, members from other countries may also be present,  so our presentations are prepared, maintained and published in various languages.

Free personal medical advice is available during the entire day by one or more medical specialists. Our professors and doctors perform this work entirely voluntarily and in their own leisure time!