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The steps a patient can go through in the psyche

Imagine being diagnosed with a rare disease. This can be both good and bad news.

It can clear things up and make any uncertainties (partially) disappear.

What generally happens when a person receives bad news?

  1. Shock. You feel a reaction in your body. It feels as if you’re freezing.
    Take the time to process this shock.
  2. Denial. You don’t want to hear this and you will continue your daily life.
    You don’t want to react at all.
  3. Anger. You feel bummed, it’s unfair. Why me? You feel like a victim.
    Take some space and time to blow off some steam. Don’t suppress your anger.
  4. Internal negotiations. What are the alternatives?
    The inevitability is becoming clear.
  5. Depression. You feel down.
    Take your time and let yourself feel sad. The old situation is gone.
  6. Acceptance. You have (partially) accepted the new situation. Support yourself by gaining confirmation. This is your new starting point.