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Unwind and reconnect with your loved ones in Ronald McDonald vacation homes

A unique offer for families

A holiday retreat with your child

When your child is chronically ill, as a parent you want to provide the best care possible. But, there’s so much more to it.  It also asks a lot of you and your family. Tension, worries, fatigue, and sometimes even misunderstanding. Perhaps it feels like you are being lived or as if you are living alongside each other? Then it’s nice to step out of your daily situation for a short time and recharge. In the (adapted) holiday retreats of the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds, you can reconnect again and make the most wonderful memories.

Holiday as a way to hold on

With the prospect of a carefree holiday, you give yourself and your family something to hold on to.

In a Ronald McDonald holiday retreat, you can really take a break. Even after a period of intensive care or treatment, you can fully recover here. A weekend away even gives you the resilience to cope again at home.

Reassuring hospitality

Guests often experience their stay like a hot bath, nice and comforting. ” We should have done this much earlier”, is a comment often heard here.

In the holiday retreats they are happy to adapt to you and your child:

•        Cosy, adapted apartments, aids on request.

•        General areas where you can meet other families with no obligation.

•        Slower pace, nothing is required, but there’s plenty to do (also for siblings).

•        With guest rooms for your informal carer or (your own or local) care assistant.

•        Here you can be completely yourself, whatever your situation.

Low price, priceless memories

Since care is already expensive enough, sponsors, donors, and volunteers help to keep the overnight rate low. In low season you pay € 35 per apartment, per night (based on lodging). A stay in the high season is € 50 per apartment, per night. A reservation policy then applies, to offer everyone a chance to come and stay.

Welcome, regardless of illness or disability

All care-intensive children, up to the age of 25, are welcome here. Regardless of disease, syndrome or disorder. And regardless of physical, mental or multiple disabilities.

Want to know more?

On the website you will find the three unique Ronald McDonald holiday retreats:

the ‘Hoeve (Friesland)’, the ‘Boshuus (Veluwe)’ and the ‘Kindervallei (Limburg)’.

The hospitable retreat teams and their volunteers are looking forward to seeing you. – Keeping families close

PS. The information on our website is in Dutch, but when you contact a holiday house directly, they will be happy to respond in English.

Hoeve:, +31 – 512 – 38 05 55.
Boshuus:, +31 – 26 – 352 52 60.
Kindervallei:, +31 – 43 – 604 92 50.

Outside the Netherlands

In many other countries there are Ronald McDonald guest houses that provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children in hospital. However, the concept of the Ronald McDonald holiday homes is quite unique. These holiday homes can only be found in a few countries. There are other organizations that also offer special holiday homes, but this differs from country to country. Below we list the Ronald McDonald holiday homes in other countries as far as we have been able to verify.

Ronald Mc Donald Family retreats in various countries

New Zealand:

Ronald McDonald
Luchtfoto Valkenburg17-kindervallei-klein16-kindervallei-klein

Ronald McDonald