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Access control

Inspection rights General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Data privacy

Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the following access rights:

  1. Anyone whose personal data is included in the administration of the association is entitled to inspect the data. This only concerns personal data of the data subject himself, data of other parties involved will not be provided for inspection. A data subject may repeatedly submit a request for access to personal data, but not unreasonably often. If nothing has changed since the last request, the inspection may be refused.
  2. A request for inspection must be submitted to our board via contact. Upon receipt of the request, the board will provide the person concerned with an overview of all personal data that has been processed, the nature of the processing, and the purpose for which the data have been processed. It will also state whether data have been provided to third parties and, if so, to which third parties and for what purpose this provision took place.
  3. The person who has received an overview of the processing of his personal data from the board can then ask the board to correct, supplement, delete or screen certain data. This request will be granted if the information is found to be incorrect or incomplete, or is not relevant for the purpose for which it was processed.
  4. The board decides within four weeks on a request for improvement, modification, removal or protection of personal data. If the request is granted, the board will ensure that the improvement, amendment, removal or blocking is carried out as quickly as possible. If the request is rejected, the refusal will be communicated in writing to the person concerned, stating the reasons for the rejection.
  5. If the data subject considers the processing of his personal data to be incorrect because this serves the interest of the association or of a third party, while the interest on the privacy of the data subject should have prevailed, the data subject may object to the processing in writing to the management.
  6. The board assesses the resistance within four weeks of receiving it. If the management judges the objection well-founded, it ensures that the processing of the data is terminated as soon as possible. If the board judges the opposition unfounded, the person concerned can submit a complaint within six weeks of receiving the decision.