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Patient’s rights

In the Netherlands

When you have a health issue, you need the help of a doctor or other expert.

This is an article for only for the Netherlands.

Both the patient and the caregiver have rights and duties. The main rights and obligations are described In the e-book patients ‘ rights .

In the Netherlands, the rights of the patient are laid down in the Law on the Medical Treatment Agreement (WGBO). This law regulates the health-care relationship between patient and caregiver.
The e-book patient rights covers nine topics:

  1. The first part is about the WBGO.
  2. Access to the medical file.
  3. A second opinion or requesting a second opinion.
  4. What does the law say about children, their parents and patients’ rights.
  5. Questions about the GP.
  6. Questions about the dentist.
  7. Giving permission for treatments.
  8. What do I do if I have a complaint about the health care.
  9. Taking decisions in health care.

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