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Become patient advocate?

We recruit patient advocates outside the Netherlands

We regularly recruit patient advocates abroad through an application process. We use this approach because this role is very important for patients and their families and we, therefore, set a number of requirements for those who take on this role in order to deliver high quality.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Completing an English survey.
  2. Send your English curriculum vitae.
  3. Send your English motivation why you believe that this role suits you and what your added value is.
  4. Your application will be discussed within the board.
  5. We arrange a video conference with you and at least two board members.
  6. We discuss everything within the board and then discuss our decision with you.

If, as a member of the worldwide Dutch CMTC-OVM organization, you live in a country where there is no patient advocate yet and you would like to take on this role, please contact us

Click here for English survey