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Diffuse Capillary Malformation with Overgrowth (DCMO)

Vascular abnormalities associated with overgrowth
Diffuse Capillary Malformation with Overgrowth (DCMO)

In 2013 a new vascular anomaly was proposed by Margaret S. Lee et al. (1) as an independent entity within the wide spectrum of vascular abnormalities associated with overgrowth.

The new disorder ‘Diffuse Capillary Malformation with Overgrowth’ (DCMO) did not fit the criteria for known disorders with capillary malformation and/or overgrowth and therefore is seen as a separate disorder.

DCMO patients have an extensive, diffuse, reticulate capillary malformation (CM) and variable hypertrophy without major complications. It is distinguished by erythematous-purplish stains, with a narrow network morphology than can go with a more homogeneous or plain macules. It has a diffuse distribution, extending minimum beyond one anatomic region, and neither atrophy nor ulcers are present. It has been observed a midline sharply demarcation on the abdomen, but never on the back. The associated overgrowth is a diffuse proportional enlargement of a body region, most commonly of a limb, that does not progress, accordingly vascular or infectious complications will not take place. The skin vascular malformations frequently lighten over the first several months, however less intense than CMTC.

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