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Multidisciplinary consultation

Consultation with multiple specialists at the same time

There are four teams in the Netherlands that specialize in patients (children) with (large, fast growing or alarming) vascular abnormalities.

The teams are intended for the assessment of alarming vascular abnormalities. They are involved in scientific research and follow the recent developments such as the treatment of hemangiomas with propranolol. Psychological counseling (sometimes guidance in the form of a so-called ‘spots’ school where patients in groups talk about their experiences and get information on how they can deal with their ‘stains’) for patients with disfiguring vascular anomalies is possible in some teams.

Specialized multidisciplinary teams in the Netherlands to treat threatening alarming vascular abnormalities:


Academic Medical Centre – Emma Children’s Hospital
Children’s Clinic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Corstiaan Breugem


University Medical Center St Radboud
HECOVAN (Hemangiomas and Congenital Vascular Disease Nijmegen)


Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital
WEVAR (Working Group Of Vascular Anomalies Rotterdam)


University Medical Center Utrecht – Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital
CAVU (Centre for Congenital Vascular Anomalies Utrecht)
Outpatient clinic Dermatology 088-7554075/+ 31 (0) 88-7554070 surgery outpatient clinic