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New website live!

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New website live!

Our new website has a lot to offer!

Our new website has a lot to offer such as:

  1. Hundreds of articles in 2 languages.
  2. Personal stories.
  3. Knowledgebase.
  4. Search function.
  5. Around 3000 photos.
  6. Over 100 videos.
  7. Folders in multiple languages.
  8. Translate the entire website with one click to another language.
  9. Hundreds of downloadable files such as folders and presentations.
  10. Chat function to make direct contact.
  11. Annual reports and financials.

Members have full access to the website and can search the entire website.

In March 2020 we restarted with the development of our new website. In two months we succeeded in building our new website!

We thank the following persons, from a series of different countries, for their contribution:

  • Margaux Balestin.
  • Yvonne Bovell.
  • Ray Carradine.
  • Jurian van Dodewaard.
  • Sanne Egelmeers.
  • Anja Fluijt.
  • Stefanie Gebele.
  • Joël Haseth.
  • Dr. Marjon ten Hoor.
  • Ruben Knosse.
  • Simon van Liempt.
  • Emily O’Neill.
  • Ans Oosterling.
  • Eden Quine.
  • Sharon Quine.
  • Jacob Schipper.
  • Rick Schurink.
  • Robert Siegel.
  • Sabine Teichmann.
  • Oriol Marí Tomàs.
  • Camille Urbain.
  • Dr. Lilian Vermeer.
  • Stijn Verspaandonk.
  • Eric Voet.

Project Management Lex van der Heijden

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