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Helping with issues at school and making friends

Listen to your child and take him / her seriously

Help with problems that the child may encounter at school and when making friends.

In case of problems at school parents should give take the situation seriously and give the child attention and support. However, be careful with advice like, “well ignore it, etc.”. Show the child that he is not at fault and encourage him to tell everything right away. Another option would be to allow the mentor or teacher contact the parents of children to the school or sports club. Please provide information to teachers and students who sometimes do not know how to deal with the situation.  The discolorations can worsen under stress.

Prepare difficult situations

For a younger child, let him play out, draw, or write about the situations.

If the child is older, encourage him to try out the situation rather than being fearful of situations and avoid them. Prepare your child with a statement for situations that arise (for example, swimming pool). Put him together with a trusted person, and communicate with people, such as members of the organization. Take a step-by-step approach towards increasing situations where both you and your child still feel safe.