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Dr. Yakir Levin (USA) – Medical advisor

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Dr. Yakir Levin (USA)

Medical advisor

Yakir Levin, MD, PhD is a physician scientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital., where he practices laser, cosmetic, and medical dermatology. He completed his PhD in electrical engineering as well as his MD at Stanford University. After completion of his dermatology residency at Boston University, where he served as chief resident, he completed a two-year clinical and research fellowship in laser and cosmetic dermatology at MGH. He is currently Instructor at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Dermatology faculty at MGH.

Dr. Levin’s passion is the treatment of children with impactful birthmarks. Recognizing that these birthmarks can have significant implications for functional and psychosocial development, he utilizes novel as well as established techniques to treat children in the clinic, and when appropriate, under general sedation in the operating room. His research at the world-renowned Wellman Center for Photomedicine endeavors to improve treatment of even the most challenging birthmarks through innovative studies in animal models as well as in humans. In addition, he investigates the use of light to treat and prevent infectious disease and serves as co-chair of the Virtual Magic Wand program, a year-long course for physicians that teaches the process of innovation.

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