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Personal guidance

We assist patients and families personally as much as possible
Personal support

We provide personal medical advice (formerly called Medical Diagnosis) beginning in around the year 2000.

Our medical advisors have provided personal medical advice to many people from all over the world. We do this during our conferences, by appointment and remotely. In the past, our medical advisors have also given  personal medical advice, not only in the Netherlands but also in Canada and the USA.

One of the things we have learned is that receiving personal medical advice can have serious consequences for those involved (the patient and also the family)! Such advice can be painfull, for example, when the prognosis is not good. From our own experience, we have seen that parents of a patient have come out of a conversation with tears in their eyes

This means that support and counselling must be present after the patient, and if applicable also the family, has received a personal medical advice.

We require quality for our own work, and therefore want to ensure that such conversations are prepared carefully, and that follow-up care and assistance is available to the patient!

We make bring the patient/family in contact with our medical advisors and then stop our involvement,  for privacy reasons.

During our conference in the Netherlands we plan the appointments such that the patient/family wait as short as possible. We organise many activities during the conference and these talks are held in parallel.

Our medical advisors also prepare each of these conversations carefully so that they are familiar with the problems and can therefore work effectively and efficiently. In order to accomplish this, the (medical) data is sent to the doctors in advance. The planning is done so that as many people as possible can be seen while maintaining the quality of the care given.