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Patient’s voice


In various countries such as the Netherlands, a clear shift towards the patient is central and the patient is a member of the caregiver’s team.
The old model was that the caregivers decided what was good for the patient.

The patient’s voice is being heard better and better. The patient is part of the treatment team.

The terms PROMS and PREMS appear everywhere but what do these actually mean?


PROMs stands for Patient Reported Outcome Measures. This is a questionnaire that measures the experienced aspects of his/her health or function.


PREMs stands for Patient Reported Experience Measure. This is a questionnaire that measures how the patient experiences the delivery of health care.

Why PROMs and PREMs?

The use of PROMs and PREMs does not only affect the patient itself but can also be useful for other patients such as more data for research. What is also important is that these issues enable the patient to help themselves better and improve self-confidence. Self-reliance is also an important key word.

Culture change

The culture should change from talking about the patient to talking to the patient. To nothing about us without us. This also requires a change in culture or behaviour in patients. Be more empowering. Ask questions. For this we have developed a separate leaflet: in conversation with the healthcare provider