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First weeks and months after birth

Dealing with uncertainty

The first weeks and months after the birth.
The time after the birth to when the conclusion is made that something is wrong, is rather different per patient and also has to do with what is wrong. This difference in physical characteristics also complicates the final diagnosis and charges the parents with care of their child. Although relieved that, after all, a diagnosis can be made, there is also a time of fear, sadness, anger, not willing to accept and fear of the future. It is therefore easy to imagine that the relationship between the parents can undergo a change that does not have to be negative. You must now work together for the child.

Environmental reactions

Then comes the time of introducing your child to family and friends and you’re wondering what you have to say or what you don’t have to tell. Experience shows that you will quickly tell something about yourself to prevent an uncomfortable situation for both parties. Family and friends also don’t know if they ask about it or not, but make the striking features a detail in the story and tell about the other exciting developments that you see. By sharing feelings you may find that support arrives where you don’t expect, unfortunately the reverse may also be true.

Building a bond with your child

However, feel no obligation to tell something about it and sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing. It is important is that you as parents have an intimate relationship with your child. This bond ensures that the baby and the parents feel comfortable and that is the best basis for a healthy psychological development of all parties. For optimal development such an emotional connection is a prerequisite. Especially if the child is older, it is important that the parents have no trouble with touching the affected skin. Despite all good intentions, parents can have unexpected violent and conflicting feelings anyway. They feel guilty about it. It is then advisable to look for help in the form of good friends and/or professional help.