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Data allowed on servers in the USA

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Data allowed on servers in the USA

This was a big problem from a privacy perspective

The European Union and the USA have reached an agreement on the exchange of data belonging to European citizens. This means that companies are once again allowed to save our data on American servers. One of the new amendments is that American intelligence agencies cannot unjustifiably access personal data from the EU. Furthermore, an agency will be created to monitor whether the exchange of data is happening correctly. If it appears that this isn’t happening in accordance with the rules then the agency can order the deletion of the data. American companies must join the EU-US Data Privacy Framework if they wish to collect data. They must adhere to strict privacy rules.
Companies are then obligated to delete personal data if it is not necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. They must also guarantee protection of privacy if they share the data with other parties. In 2015, the Safe Harbour Agreement (privacy agreement) was ruled invalid. Its successor, the Privacy Shield, was also ruled invalid.

We still have our concerns, particularly because retrospective action will be taken if the data has already been collected and nobody knows what has been done with the data between its collection and deletion. We believe that your privacy is very important and want therefore only to install our websites, databases etc. on European servers.

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