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We try to make a positive contribution to the lives of people suffering from vascular malformations (blood vessel abnormalities), such as CMTC, and to stimulate scientific research into these malformations. We cannot do this alone. Will you help? Then make a donation.

CMTC is a rare skin/blood vessel disease, which means that the quality of life of the patients is not optimal. We want to make all information about vascular malformations (blood vessel diseases) available to everyone. We cannot do this without sustainable support from our donors.

With your support, we conduct research into blood vessel abnormalities and ensure that anyone affected by these conditions can find us. We can then share our information and provide a community where patients and their families can meet.


Why should I become a donor?

There are still so many questions surrounding vascular malformations, but the fact remains that the condition can drastically change the lives of patients and their families. The complications can range from cosmetic to fatal.

Medical treatment is often only possible after the complications arise but by then, it could already too late. We are here for anyone who has a vascular malformation, ready to support them and their families where necessary.

With your contribution, we can continue to develop and improve the quality of life of patients. We provide a community where families can support each other and receive first-hand medical advice.

How will my donation help?

  • Supporting our patients and their families
    Our main focus is to support patients and their families. That is why we offer psychological support and we also offer personal medical advice.
  • Organising various activities
    We organise various activities for our members. Families can meet on the annual International Family Day. We also organise international conferences to share information and bring families into contact with each other.
  • Stimulating scientific research into vascular malformations
    We ensure medical / genetic research is done on vascular malformations in various countries around the world. As a result, we learn more and more and are able to provide patients with up-to-date medical advice.
  • Making information available about vascular malformations
    We are constantly working to properly disseminate information about the malformations. We develop information material for patients, their families, medical specialists and general practitioners in different languages. We also continue to find ways of raising the profile of our organisation.

Your data is safe

We process your data according to the European Privacy Legislation (GDPR).

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ANBI With effect from 1 January 2008, our organization has been recognized by the Dutch Tax Authorities as ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI number 815 64 96 54). The consequence of this is that donations and donations within the Dutch tax legislation are tax-deductible according to the applicable rules.



As of 1 July 2016, we have received the CBF quality mark as a CMTC-OVM organization!

What does the CBF quality label stand for?

Since 1996, the CBF (Central Bureau Fundraising) is awarding a quality mark to fundraising institutions. The CBF-recognized charity logo shows that this organization adheres to the rules that apply to recognition by the independent CBF. Recognized charities know what they want to achieve, have their organization in order and tell openly and understandably about it. Once every three years, the CBF tests recognized charities again. Temporary checks can also take place.