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Congenital hemangioma (NICH/RICH)

Congenital hemangioma
Congenitaal hemangioom (NICH/RICH)

Despite the naming, a congenital Hemangioma actually has nothing to do with a Hemangioma (infantile Hemangioma).

Congenital means innate; a congenital Hemangioma is present at birth. Characteristic is a lighter edge or a ‘halo’ to the drift. There are 2 types of congenital hemangiomas; one that (largely) quickly goes away and one that remains, in other words the rapid’ involuting congenital hemangiomas (RICH) and the ‘non involuting congenital hemangiomas’ (NICH). The type can’t be determined immediately. Only time will tell this. These vascular abnormalities are benign and in principle need no treatment. When in doubt to the diagnosis a biopsy can be done (skin sample for microscopic examination).