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Learn how to deal with comments of environment

Face the confrontation

All kinds of normal activities such as grocery shopping, etc. can cause unexpected problems due to comments made by others. You can avoid contact with others to protect yourself from these negative comments, but it also robs you of all desired social contacts.


Non-avoidance is the best solution. Parents and children need to be taught how to handle probing questions, comments and stares. Practice what you will say or do to someone who stares or asks questions. Examples may include, “I would rather not answer that and I’m sure you can understand that” or “I just got this same question three times and would rather not answer it again”. Give an answer, and then go immediately to another topic to distract the person.

Look back

When people are going to stare, then look back, smile and stay looking at them. They usually smile and look away. At long stares, look back at them and frown your eyebrows to show that you don’t like that they are staring at you. Whether you can change their behavior or not, you have made them aware of their behavior. If necessary, ask them to quit without being confrontational. Don’t assume that people are hostile, but instead that they are curious.

Go with your instincts.