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Family Day 2011: Efteling

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Family Day 2011: Efteling

A family event

Saturday, June 18th we had the third family day in the Efteling in the Netherlands.

We chose the site partly because of the success of two years ago but also because of the age differential of our members. The weather was not quite as nice as two years ago, but with only two showers we were quite pleased.

Here is the report of two young participants.

In the morning we were welcomed at the hotel De Efteling. When we arrived in the room there were delicious pastries, coffee and tea. Then we were given a “handicapped” badge for quick access anywhere in the park. After that, everyone entered the park with his/her family. First, we went to the “Vogelrok”. We could go almost anywhere thanks to the pass Lex had given us. We went to one attraction 23 times. At 13:00 we had to come back to the hotel for a great lunch. There was something for everyone: delicious doughnuts, pastries, cheese, bread, fruit, and you could even make your own soup!

After dinner, the children played outside for a bit and then we took a group photo. Then we could go back into the park. Fortunately, it was still dry so we went on almost all the rides. In many cases, we were fortunate to be able to go twice in a row even though there was a super long line.

Unfortunately at five o’clock, a huge downpour erupted, so many attractions were closed. After a while they were open again and we went everywhere we wanted. It was a great day we will not soon forget. It was a special day and great fun for all of us to be together.

Family Day NL 2011

Family Day NL 2011

Family Day 2011

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