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Skin in the class

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Skin in the class

A unique teaching case for primary school students and teachers

Many people do not consider the important role of the skin in everyday life. An organ that is not perceived as such, especially if there is nothing wrong with it at first glance. It will be different if the skin is not completely standard due to, for example, a deviation in the pigment or if someone is constantly itchy. Research shows that the quality of life of people with a skin condition is lower. The impact of bullying on children with a skin condition is significant. Skin Netherlands, the association of patients and patient organizations in the field of skin and hair disorders, has developed a teaching package for primary education, in order to increase the basic knowledge about the skin in students between the ages of 8 and 12. In this, they have collaborated with the Dutch Association for Dermatology and Venereology. Nursing specialists and educational parties are also involved in the development of the teaching material.

As a CMTC-OVM organisation, we have provided the information for the vascular malformations worksheet.

More information (Dutch website)

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