Blog Katie Allen Jan. 2023

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Blog Katie Allen Jan. 2023

Katie Allen (Canada) shares her personal experiences

While I never felt like CMTC held me back from sports and other physical activities, there have been some challenges. With a 3cm leg length difference, I tend to trip and fall at the best of times, especially in activities I competed in as a teenager. Over the years, my balance has somewhat improved; but I still had more than my share of tumbles. Through physiotherapy and sports medicine, I learned how to fall safely and reduce the chance of major injury, but there was damage over the years to my joints, especially my knees. In 2022 I had my final surgery on my left knee and am now working hard to build strength and stability again. While my contact sports days are over, I am looking forward to new athletic pursuits (including a half marathon in 2022) and facing challenges with improved knees!

Photos are of the post-operation knee and learning to balance again.

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