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Family Day 2023: Efteling

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Family Day 2023: Efteling

A new record number of participants!

On Saturday, July 1, the participants gathered at the Efteling hotel around 9 am. A total of 86 people were present from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. The weather was cloudy and there was a little rain, but that didn’t spoil the fun! An advantage was that it was quite quiet in the morning so there were hardly any queues. During the afternoon the weather cleared up.

We decided to choose a date in July because Efteling is open until 10pm in the evening, meaning you can enjoy all the attractions for 12 hours!

We had created a special WhatsApp group for this day so that we could easily keep in contact with each other and exchange photos and videos. At the bottom of this page is a small selection of these photos and videos. We also use the other images for our social media channels (with prior permission, of course).

We would like to thank Efteling again, especially Nicole and Irmin (and her team) who helped make this another unforgettable day!


Our daughter said “Isn’t it nice that Efteling understands us so well (she means Lex and Anja who helped us with the wheelchair)”. At each of the rides she had to wait, but in peace. The toilet assistant who saw that she was short of breath, also took her out of the line and asked how she was doing and if she could help us. Our daughter felt heard and seen throughout this day. And that she doesn’t just have CMTC. Thanks again!

As grandparents, we thought it was a successful day as well as it being our first visit to the Efteling. It is good for children with a condition (and their parents) to see that they are not alone. The mother discussiont after lunch was also a good idea.

The CMTC-OVM organization means a lot to us and we owe a lot to Lex and his team.  Just by helping through the organisation we were able to find help and get a diagnosis for our son quickly.
The family day at Efteling is very important for our son and for us, because we always see so many other fellow patients and can talk and exchange ideas. It helps enormously that the children see each other regularly and laugh and have fun together on such a day out.


Family Day NL 2023

Family Day NL 2023

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