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Skin at school

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Skin at school

Learning material for children at primary school

Skin complaints are often underestimated, while research shows that the quality of life of people with chronic conditions decreases and that the impact of bullying on children with skin conditions is huge. Lack of basic knowledge about the skin is a major factor in this. The Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology has noticed that many elementary school students lack this basic knowledge. To do something about this, the educational package Skin at school was developed by “Skin The Netherlands”, the association of patients and patient organizations in the field of skin and hair disorders. For this, the organization has received funding from the Dutch government, and co-funding from the Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology and a health insurance company.

Learning Objectives

With the teaching package students develop their knowledge, insight, skills and attitude towards their own skin and that of other students so they can prevent health risks and increase their own well-being and resilience.

Students learn:

  • About the structure and function of the skin,
  • About similarities and differences between people’s skin,
  • About the importance of skin care,
  • About sun protection, and preventing skin cancer,
  • About temporary and permanent skin conditions and their consequences,
  • About conscious and critical use of information on the Internet.

More information will become available in 2024.

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