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Possible complications by location

The location of CMTC places can say something about possible complications
CMTC possible complications

Have you or has your child been diagnosed with CMTC or are there strong indications this is the case?
Note that complications may arise at the location of the CMTC-markings.

With CMTC-markings we mean locations on the body with marbled skin or where dilated blood vessels can be seen through the skin. The location of CMTC-markings may indicate complications but this is not necessarily always the case.
Below you will find an overview of the complications per location based on many years of knowledge and experience within our organisation. This has been reviewed by Prof. Dr. Arnold Oranje, one of our medical advisers. He was one of our medical advisors and sadly passed away suddenly.


  1. Asymmetry in length and/or girth.
  2. Inflammation.


Internal organs problems (kidney, liver, etc.).

Advice: first, use ultrasound test. When ultrasound test does not give a definite answer than use MRI scan.


  1. Jaw: problems with teeth.
  2. Middle horizontal part of the face: asymmetry of the face.
  3. Around the eyes and forehead: glaucoma (increased eye pressure, risk of blindness), brain disorders, increased spinal fluid pressure (risky) and mental development is lagging behind.


Do not give injections or don’t give someone an IV in a CMTC affected limb because there’s a risk for thrombosis (formation of blood clots in a blood vessel with possible dangerous consequences). Our advice is to perform regularly, for example once a year (can be done during a members meeting), a medical check and make regularly photos. As a parent, there is a chance that you do not notice changes because you see your child daily. Changes can arise slowly making it difficult to notice this.