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Laser treatment OVM

New technology for effective removal abnormal blood vessels with laser

Recently, a new technology has been developed that will allow wine stains (Port Wine Stain) and other desifying patches on the skin that occur in vascular malformations to be better treated with laser.

With the imaging technique, called optical coherence tomography (OCT), small blood vessels in the skin are better able to image and measure. The laser can be set more precisely using this imaging technique to destroy diseased and abnormal blood vessels with maximum efficiency. The OCT scanning device (VivoSight OCT system), which can be used to diagnose various skin conditions, has been developed and marketed by Michelson Diagnostics, a company based in the United Kingdom.


Optical coherence tomography is an imaging technique similar to ultrasound. Ultrasound imaging is achieved through reflective sound waves. At OCT, imaging is achieved through reflective (infrared) light waves. The light waves do not penetrate very far into the skin (1-3 mm) but with this technique smaller details are visible than with ultrasound or MRI. This imaging technique has been around for a long time and is used so far mainly in ophthalmology, for early diagnosis of cancer, and for skin research.

Michelsons Diagnostics has just released a new version of the VivoSight OCT scanning device. The device can automatically accurately identify important values such as depth, diameter and density of blood vessels and display them in real time to help clinicians choose the optimal treatment settings on their laser.

New possibilities for vascular disorders

“We’re excited about the results we see with our VivoSight OCT-led wine stain treatments,” said Dr. Roy Geronemus of New York’s Laser & Skin Surgery Center, who tested the VivoSight OCT system. “This new technology offers new possibilities to change the therapy for vascular disorders. The first results are very encouraging. We evaluate the technology for treating other vascular diseases as well as wine stains. ”

Dr. Jill Waibel of the Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute explains: “I have been using the VivoSight system in my practice and have been working with technology for over three years and we find VivoSight OCT useful for a variety of ailments. Not only do we use OCT to support the treatment of patients with vascular skin disorders, but also to support the treatment of blood vessels with scars, resulting in better and faster results. The new software (for blood vessels) on the device makes this simple and intuitive. ”

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