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Budget 2020

Main budgets 2020

Every year we draw up a budget which serves as a basis for our activities.

This budget was also used to apply for a subsidy to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Our annual report then reported, among other things, what we actually realised and the costs. This is presented at our member conference.

For the year 2020 we use the following budget which is based on a number of focus areas.

Focusarea Budget (euro)
Contact (Members conference, Family day, etc.). 6.450
Information Services (website, social media, etc.). 30.000
Advocacy (external conferences, memberships, etc.). 10.500
Supporting activities (board costs, bank costs, etc.). 750
Back office (website hosting, financial administration, software licences, graphical design, printing, marketing. etc.) 10.000
Total 57.7000

Projects have their own budget and this budget is not part of the budget above. Project information