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United Kingdom – Julia Putman (heeft zich teruggetrokken op 15 jan. 2022)

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Julia Putman (United Kingdom)

Patient Advocate

I’m a Therapeutic Practitioner working with children and young adults in the Care Sector. I am also mother to 4, foster mother to 3, and grandmother to 3. Although all my children are now adults and living independently, we are a close-knit family, enjoying family time and holidays together. My husband and I are kept busy with work and family life but when I’m not working, I’ll be walking my dog.

I love exploring new places and enjoy being outdoors, camping and exploring. I am fortunate to live near the coast and also, near to a forest national park, so I have plenty of inspiration to get outdoors.
I design and make silver and copper jewelry as a hobby but will also engage in any creative activity when time allows.

I became interested in Patient Advocacy through needing to learn more on behalf of one of my grandchildren. I was dismayed to learn that the local medical teams around a new baby are not always aware of Vascular birthmarks and information was non-existent for parents.
My search for more information led me to Lex and his foundation and from there, I was keen to help other grandparents in our situation to have better support and clear pathways to medical expertise.

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